HUFF MEETING RETURNS TO THE SUB ROSA 11 AM Wednesday (6-24-20) 703 Pacific

The Sub Rosa Cafe announced it is reopening–at least for this meeting Wednesday.  11 AM — Coffee likely.  Likely topics: Fund Real Safety, Defund Police Violence, Status Report on the CDC-disapproved Group Shelters which are Santa Cruz’s main duck-and-dodge response to the Project Housekey funding, leaving hundreds of vulnerable houseless people at risk, Taking Back Public Spaces as Up-Scale Cafes Seize the Sidewalk, Challenging Martin Bernal’s Rule-By-Decree…and more…

The Agenda will be laid out in more detail. following a planned massive call-in to City Council today by the Coalition to Defund the SCPD and other groups at 6 PM.  Details at (chatting with a Conscience-Deaf Council).

The HUFF website is currently under reconstruction.  Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides shows are still being netcast Thursdays 6-8 PM and Sundays 9:30 AM – 3 PM at but archives are generally unavailable.
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