HUFF meets 10:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. + at the Sub Rosa Cafe 2-2 Thursday next to the Bike Church at 703 Pacific

HUFF Meeting Agenda Prospects 2-2-23    

  ++++  Pass-Arounds and Hand-Outs

  ++++  Street reports

  ++++  Mountain Resource Center Protest Update 

  ++++  Recent police murders: qualified immunity; soft-pedaling defunding in local media

  ++++  Response to Felton Sheriff’s Department on Helga’s Assault

  ++++  Focus on Unreformed SCPD and SC Sheriff’s Deputy in Light of Recent Police Murders

  ++++  General Shelter Updates

  ++++  Winter Shelter in Santa Cruz Action Considering Frosty Times & No Warming Center

  ++++  Phony “No Parking” Signs in Coastal Zone: Actions and Update

  ++++  Shitty Council & Bored of Stupidvipers Meetings Reports

  ++++  Updates for SB31 and its Successor 

  ++++  Injunction Prep; Ratner/Mangler Protest Prep 

  ++++  Tabling & Follow-Up  at Clock, Pogonip, Levee:  Survival Encampment Network 

  ++++   Placeholders: Tickets, Free Guide, OVO, Mad Power

  ++++   Vigil for Manny Town Clock 2 PM Friday February 3rd

  ++++   “Long Distance Revolutionary” 7 PM Thursday Feb 2nd 

Register to attend:   Facebook event page: