HUFF meets Thursday 3-11-21 at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church Tent Outreach and Drawing the Heat on Pacific Avenue?

Agenda Prospects  for Meeting
       +++ Deconstructing the “Outdoor Dying Ordinance” and How to Counter Police Abuses Likely in the Next Month

      +++ More Tabling Downtown, Setting Up Tents Downtown With a Counter-Agenda of Demands & Suggestions

      +++ Homeless Self-Defense? Police & Vigilante Violence, Josh Nay at City Council, Anti-Homeless Noise Devices Update

      +++ Sausalito and Santa Barbara Updates

      +++ Latest Public Records Documents in the San Lorenzo Survival Struggle; Getting Public Records on the Cops for 2020

      +++ Pajaro River, Marysville and Salinas  Updates by Phone

      +++ Back on Board: the HUFF website– Catch the Latest Interviews Again at /

      +++ Divisions Among the Dissidents: Agreement Campsites, Masking Disagreements: Finding Unity in Diversity.

We got the coffee and cream, you bring the company!