Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 3-7-21-show: Current Events Only! No Flashbacks!– streams 9:30 AM Interviews on the “Punish the Visible Poor” Law, Life in San Lorenzo Park, the Santa Barbara scene, and Preparing for Protest

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xxx “Silver-Tongued” Steve Pleich Decries Santa Cruz’s New Outside ‘Dying’ Ordinance (See his “Time to Stand Up” post at

xxx  Formerly unhoused Santa Barbara service provider David Hopkins Tours His Own History and His City’s Services (or lack thereof).

xxx  Berkeley Militant Tyler on the People’s Park Struggle and How He Got There

xxx  “Scope it Out” Scott Graham Deconstructs the City Council Staff Report Threatening to Make the Anti-Homeless Temporary Outside Dying Ordinance (TODO) Even Worse (

xxx  San Lorenzo Survival Camp Conversations: “Your Mama”, Cooper, Greg B., Jerry & Cookie

xxx  Sub Rosa Simmers With CityLove Subversion–​Wes White Undercover, Nightstalker Nick, & Assorted Anonymistas Preparing to Pounce on the Shitty Council’s “Harass the Homeless Away” Ordinance as it Moves toward Rubberstamping 

xxx  “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry Dispenses Protest Tips and Historical Highlights

 “Hide Out or Get Out” Outside Dying Ordinance denounced online at

View​ the suck-up-to-sadism staff’s suggestions on making the bad law worse at

Join the HUFF Human Rights Defenders downtown today March 7th at 1-2 PM on Pacific Ave. between Cathcart and Lincoln Streets.
Merge with other Groups Supporting the Right to Survive Outside 4:30 PM Tuesday March 9th at City Hall