HUFF meets Thursday 3-4-21 at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church Mobilizing Protests to Educate and Agitate Against COVID and post-COVID attacks on unhoused folks outside

Agenda Prospects  for Today’s Meeting
       +++ Tuesday’s Shitty Council Meeting’s  “Outdoor Dying Ordinance” is a symptom of a broader sickness: on-going repression of the poor outside.

      +++ Counterattack Through In-Person Public Meetings, Tabling, Flyering Tents Downtown With a Counter-Agenda of Demands

      +++ Surveying the Spread of Police Violence and Harassment–the Assault on Josh, Anti-Homeless Noise Devices

      +++ Success in Sausalito–the 2nd Federal Court Victory

      +++ Counterattack Through In-Person Public Meetings With Our Own Agenda

      +++ Latest Public Records Documents in the San Lorenzo Survival Struggle

      +++ Pajaro River, Marysville and Sausalito Updates by Phone

      +++ Back on Board: the HUFF website– Catch the Latest Interviews Again at /