Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 2-28-21 another long-show– streams 9:30 AM Interviews with Wes White, Malina Kome, Kat of Food Not Bombs, and a 1996 Flashback to attorney Larry Hildes defending the City Hall Sleepers Vigil

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xxx “Whip the Wicked” Wes White on Santa Cruz’s New Outside Dying Ordinance
xxx  Terrifying and Tedious Tidbits from the 2-23 S.C. Shitty Council Meeting

xxx  Tannery management kicks out black Musician Malima Kone
xxx  “Kind but Claw-Ready” Kat on the Latest Food Not Bombs Response to the City Ultimatums
xxx  Another Peek-In at HUFF–the 2-25 meeting—Survival Strategies in the Wake of City Criminalization Action​

Prep to oppose Chief Mills “Hide Out or Get Out” Outside Dying Ordinance at .
View the whole prefabricated City Council discussion and the constricted Public Input at (4 hours, 3 minutes into the audio file).

FLASHBACK to Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides May 31, 1996 show:

+++ Homeless Civil Rights Attorney Larry Hildes gets a grilling from Bathrobespierre Robert Norse as a dress rehearsal for upcoming court hearing in an Injunction Mayor Rotkin is seeking to disperse the then 3-month long protest at City Hall urging an end to the City’s “no sleep 11 PM to 8:30 AM” law.

+++ 5-30 Pacific Ave. Interviews:  Rebel and Avocado hassled for sleeping; Phil’s friend gets a “leaning” ticket; Larry falsely ticketed for sitting within 50′ of a parking lot paybox; Shooting report;

+++ Peppertongue Pat Ring reports protester Anthony ticketed; John Herrera ticketed; Taylor Brandon for walking across a clear street; Jody declined to move immediately and got ticket.

+++ Jack on 5-28 sitting ticket; Cloud and Lisa Ann on curb-sitting tickets; Ian, Mad Mike the Wonder Dog, Anonymouse.

+++ Gail’s Praise and Vision

+++ Peppertongue’s Caustic Report on Councilmembers Katherine Beiers and Celia Scott’s Sitdown with Protesters

+++ Interfaith Shelter Program Rejects Mooncat’s Request for Lodging