HUFF meets Thursday 4-22-21 at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church Sweeping L.A. Injunction; San Lorenzo Injunction Deadline Approaches

Agenda Prospects  for Tomorrow’s (4-22) Meeting
       +++ TentTable Rained Out for Next Sunday on Pacific Ave?

      +++ Organizing a Communication-Response Network Among the Independent Camps

      +++ ACLU’s TOLO Objections & SC Union’s Approaching Injunction Deadline 4-27

      +++ Mapping Out Coastal Commission Rules–Another Way to Resist RV Repression

      +++ Looming Shadow of Local Laura’s Law (aka “Needles on Wheels”) in Santa Cruz County

      +++ Who Will Go Into the Court’s City’s Benchlands Containment Camp–and What Then?

      +++ In Search of Police Citations–the Iron Fist Behind the Many Fingered TOLO Initiatives

      +++ Down L.A. Way–the Carter Decision threatens City & County authorities: 

         +++  Puzzling out the Chico and L.A. Injunctions–Their Timing Against Right-Wing Reactionaries and the S.C. Implications

      +++Resisting the Sweeps: Red Church Meeting 5 PM Friday 4-24 Cedar & Lincoln

      +++ Available for Download–Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Shows on the HUFF website– /

Coffee in your cup. Diminishing numbers of the April Street Spirit and Street Sheet…Norse flyers too–get ’em while you can!