Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 4-22-21 show netcasts 6 PM at “Stop the Spray” Activists Stand Up to Corrupt Management; Court Actions in L.A. and Tulare County

The show is slated to go out tonight at 6 PM on the net at but we are having some difficulties with our server.  
Alternately, to hear this show (April 22, 2021) and other homeless civil rights shows at a time of your convenience, Click on .

ON THE 4-22 SHOW :
xxx Carrie, Dianne, and Silver Exposes Abuses at Casa Del Rio & Riverside Apartments
xxx Stopping the Homeless Removal Machine in Tulare County:
xxx  Katzenjammer Keith McHenry’s Updates on the San Lorenzo Survival Camp and Court Actions Around the State
xxx  Blocking the Emeryville Bigots: 


Revolutionary Lawyering, Homeless Self-Organizing and Systematic Change :  Forum on the Grass outside the Red Church by Zoom 4 PM April 23rd at Lincoln & Cedar
Extra Bonus!:  Reving Up the Resistance outside the Red Church 5 PM afterwards !