HUFF meets today 2-25-21 at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church City Council’s Camping Ban Carnival, Responding to Police Violence, Vaccinations as Pretexts for Eviction, Escalating Attacks on Food not Bombs

Agenda Prospects  for Today’s Meeting
       +++ Return of the Mills/Condotti Covert Camping Ban: the Expected Rubberstamping

      +++ Counterattack Through In-Person Public Meetings, Tabling, Flyering With a Counter-Agenda

      +++ Surveying the Spread of Police Violence and Harassment–the Assault on Josh and Anti-Homeless Noise Devices

      +++ The State’s New “Protections” for Renters in COVID-time

      +++ Counterattack Through In-Person Public Meetings With Our Own Agenda

      +++ Latest Public Records Documents in the San Lorenzo Survival Struggle

      +++ Pajaro River, Marysville and Salinas Updates by Phone

      +++ Back on Board: the HUFF website– Catch the Latest Interviews Again at /

REMINDER:  HUFF meets today and every THURSDAY 11 AM at the Sub Rosa with the same modest munchables and conversational coffee as the weather turns warmer.