Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 2-25-21 show NETCASTING LATER THAN USUAL AT 6:30 PM or soon after: Interviews around the Food Not Bombs cookpot with John, Tim, Eagle, Kat, Angel, & Keith & a Gutpunch Gouge at the Homeless from the SC Shitty Council

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ON THE 2-25 SHOW : xxx  A rare sunny afternoon at Food Not Bombs includes John, who warns against on-line scamsters.

xxx  “Tokin'” Tim Rinker backs Trump and “Maskin as a Myth” in a controversial conversation.

xxx  “Cookpot” Kat surveys the Survival Encampment scene from her FNB Kitchen  SC Homeless Union  vice-president & SC-11 Survivor Angel reports rumbles of change on the horizon.

xxx  “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry on the Latest Struggles of FNB to serve food over opposition and interference by city officials and development dicks.

xxx   WARNING: Listening to this segment may result in upset stomachs and uncontrollable rage: the SC City Council’s final thumbs-up to Mills revised and relabeled Camping Ban.  And a thumb-up-the-ass to the unhoused community.