HUFF meets Wednesday 1-22-20 noon-2 PM Sub Rosa Cafe Under the Microscope: Chief Mills’ Anti-Homeless Proposals

HUFF Proposals for 1-22-20

Announcements    Norse Updates (Clippings, Iran)

Street and Camp Reports


*** Following up on SCPD Demands –Vehicle Ticketing, Storage Pick-Up’s

*** Contact List Follow-Up—Camps, Occupations, Protests

*** Direct Contacts & Reports from Individual Survival Camps & Refugees

*** Recall Resistance (and Gloomy Report on Glover’s Council Caving)


*** Coffee Canopy at Manager’s Office w/ Petitioning: Follow the Gov’s “Designate Open Areas” & the Camp Phoenix 2 Proposal

*** Wait-In at  P & R Offices (Bring Your Own Chairs) to get Eliot to stop ‘Stay-Away” Harassment

*** City Council Offices Gathering to Petition for Emergency Action on Emergency Winter Shelter

*** Flyering the Metro demanding end to Discriminatory Exclusions

*** Series of Forums with Speakers on Encampment Strategies in Different Cities, Role-Playing for Proper S, Prep for Campground

*** Flyer on “Fight Your Vehicular Ticket”

*** Vigil Against Two Wars Downtown


*** Public Records Posting and Summaries on-Line: organizing the google site.

***Recent Requests for (a) all citations city-wide for alt-camp citations for blocking the sidewalk, being in a closed area, park after dark, public nuisance, illegal lodging, etc. for the last year; and

(b) all Pacific Avenue citations for the last six months

*** Santa Cruz Local KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Flyer for Those On the Ground & in vehicles


Contact Robert at 423-4833 to help with Public Records Analysis or Expanding Contact Lists

Attend Public Meetings of Public Officials with Signs & Loud Questions: WHERE’S WINTER SHELTER?


          Wednesday January 22nd 3:15 PM- 4:30 PM Small Claims Court Workshop: 701 Ocean St. County Bldg Room 10

Wednesday January 22 6-8 PM Pacific Cultural Center 1307 Seabright. Councilmembers Drew Glover and Chris Krohn Say “No” on the Recall

Friday January 24 5:30-7 PM Room 10 City Hall Offices Councilmember Glover Reviews the upcoming Tuesday 1-28 City Council Agenda

Sunday January 26 5-6 PM  SC Homeless Union Weekly Meeting on the sidewalk at the FNB Meal at the side of the Main Post Office

Norse Netcast  Thur 6-8 PM, Sun 9:30 AM- 3 PM :,

Tuesday January 28 City Council Meeting   Time TBA  Predicted to be on the Agenda (1) the Parks and Recreation Department is requesting that the California Coastal Commission approve another anti-homeless measure,

                                    extending the Main Beach’s six month curfew that ends March 2020 (and was adopted on Cowell Beach since 2013) from  midnight to an hour before sunrise.  If passed, concerned folks can

appeal this to the California Coastal Commission which meets March 11-13, 2020 at the Hilton in Scotts Valley at 6001 La Madrone Dr. S.C. 

(agenda to be posted March 6 at  (2) surveillance technology, (3) mushrooms as medicine.