HUFF withdraws to the Bagelry 320 Cedar St. for 12-24 meeting 11 AM

The ever-methodical (if manic) HUFF meeting will move for this Wednesday only to the nearby Bagelry as the Sub Rosa will not be open on that day.

Upcoming on the HUFF agenda tomorrow at the Baglery:  Follow-Up on the Cop Corner protest, given the upcoming Bullies for Bearcat Protest  Happening at City Council;  DIY New Year’s Eve parade prep;   researching Azua’s racial record, a report of cloths-snatching by the SCPD and Sheriffs, protest against the absurdly limited propery reclamation hours at the SCPD?, “Steady Hand” Steve’s Update from the National Law Center On Homelessness and Poverty, organizing at the HLOSC’s Xmas meal Thursday…and whatever else tickles our fancies.

You supply the bodies and brains.  We supply bagels and coffee.