HUFFin’ Down the Road: Sub Rosa 8-19 11 AM

Agenda Likelies:   Cafe HUFF and/or HUFF at the Heavies visit sometime in the next week to P & R Director Dannette Shoemaker to clarify whether a Stay-Away Order is now a mandatory part of every in fraction; the Proposed RV parking ban city-wide at night likely to be on the next City Council agenda; Support for the Freedom Sleepers;  liaison with the ongoing Sacramento struggle to ban harassment of RV resters…and all this over cup after cup of free coffee!

Cautionary Note:  Our membership may be reduced if police choose to use stern measures to abrogate our basic right to peaceful protest near City Hall.  In theory arrests could prevent some members from attending.  In this case, I encourage folks to proceed with those items on the agenda they fancy.

I also encourage folks to visit the Freedom Sleepers Sleep-Out tonight, even if you choose not to stay.  It will be going from 5 PM through 7  AM tomorrow (Wednesday) morning