HUFFing Again Wednesday October 14th at the Sub Rosa Courtyard at 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church


(Add your own items; swig the free coffee)

  • Election Talk and Recommendations 
  • Follow-Up on Proposed Advice to Confronted Survival Campers–Talking Back Productively to the Police
  • Follow-Up’s on Corvalho and Riess Protections; Nick on Vehicular Letter for Tows 

Flyer Distributed During the Indigenous Slaughter Day Protest  

  • Updates on RV’s under attack:  Latest reports from the City Police assault on RV and vehicular home defenders Alicia Kuhl and others 
  • Indigenous Slaughter Updates from Monday (Keith, Carlos) 
  • Wes’s Salinas Sweeps Update from Monday 
  • Motel, Meal, Camp Reduction Reports 
  • Pleich on AFC “Safe Spaces” Parking Program. 
  • Santa Barbara FRSC Update:  
  • Summary Judgment Victory in Marysville