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City Council snuck to a new day (Thursday) and time (evening) for its latest “regular” “meeting”.  Their budget hearing continued with its high militarist police budget ignoring the voices and needs of the Community regarding police defunding to preempt their violence, discrimination, homeless harassment, and overspending.   Instead, the police budget was reportedly the only department left uncut with three new “Community Service” officers added with no changes in policy or top personnel. All power still in the hands of City Manager Martin Bernal with the Council an echo chamber.  More ticketing of City Council candidate and SC Homeless Union organizer Alicia Kuhl after the bigotry-based Council veto of her group’s right to park safely on Olive St. (Sandy Brown dissenting).

Ben–the man whose vehicle was seized months ago in violation of CDC “shelter-in-place” guidelines–was bailed out and is reportedly at large, surviving the latest SCPD retaliation for his determined resistance to the police sweeps that continue to cast a dark shadow along the levee. 

City boss Bernal seems intent on ignoring CDC guidelines and the Martin v. Boise decision regarding no homeless sweeps without homeless shelter.   While a small number are still in the safer motel shelter, most of the “sheltered” are warehoused in the unhealthy group shelters–and even those shelters are full with waiting lists.   Authorities have announced plans to disband the Benchlands County-run containment-camp that displaced the larger encampment there by October 31 with similar plans to oust those in motels.

Air quality and temperature has been merciful considering there are still no protected areas set aside for the toxic air quality alerts, the potential smoke danger, and cooling functions–particularly impactful of those outside, and of the broader community–given the COVID-19 pandemic.  Large publicly funded buildings like the Civic and the Stadium stand empty while encampments multiply outside the “lack of services” Housing Smidgeons Poverty  Pimp Palace at 115 Coral St. with its misleading “Housing Matters” sign.  Dangerous COVID-19 vulnerable group shelters at the Vet’s Hall, Armory, “Housing Smidgeons” Paul Lee Loft, and Laurel St. continue to be the main “go to” for police” as a warehousing “alternative” when they threaten the visually “undesirable” outdoor camps being destroyed in the Pogonip, along the levee, and elsewhere.

The Pogonip camps have been blocked off and bulldozed.  Those along hiway 1 continue to be starved of resources like portapotties, wash stations, and other basics.     Encampments along the San Lorenzo pathway near the Broadway bridge and along Hiway 1 at River St.  multiplied exponentially after the City and County created more refugees by displacing the larger Benchlands encampment with their own show County-run encampment there.  There are no provisions for providing decent facilities for those camps as fall turns to winter.

No indication that “banned” vendors on Beach St. have been invited to resume their family-sustaining sidewalk businesses down near the Boardwalk, while unmasked tourists continue to be invited to crowd beaches, the Boardwalk, and the “no vendors allowed” sidewalks.

​    ***  Colombus (National Slaughter Day) protest slated for 10:30 AM tomorrow 10-12 at Laurel & Pacific

***  “Food for the Famished” Keith McHenry Reviews the Latest Police Sweep Program & Voter Registration Push

***  Community Musicman Curtis Reliford Cries “Racism” on “Progressive” Santa Cruz

***  “Lord of the Lies” Deconstructs the Vice-Presidential Sound-Byte Special “Debate”  Part 2***  Pinchhitting Pitcher for the Poor and Poet Peter Marin Weighs in from Santa Barbara
***   Arduous Adventure Account from Activist-on-Wheels Alicia Kuhl
***  Punishing the Maskless with Medical Conditions: a Report from Satya Orion.
***  “Whip the Wicked” Wes White Calls for Help Against Salinas Sweeps Part 2
***  James Loewen Corrects a Bigot-Based Historical Record with Indigenous Slaughter (Columbus Day) upon us.

***  “Scope it Out” Scott Graham Dissects and Discards the Latest Shitty Council Meeting
***  Aaron Hosmer’s Lonely Battle To Recover Property from Tow Company and Cops 


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Act Locally or Regret Later

  • Hit the Protest Trail Tomorrow (Monday October 12th) at Laurel and Pacific at 10:30 AM in a march to the County Building.
  • Vote (if you choose) for local candidates who oppose the dominant anti-homeless narrative (Alicia Kuhl was recently endorsed by HUFF), but don’t expect them to take real action which, as ever, will be coming from those outside and those who support them on the streets.
  • Demand NO SWEEPS OF THE HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS without real alternatives.  Help defend!