HUFFsters Assemble! To See the Wreckage of the “Anyone But Trump” Strategy and Continue the Long Fight for Unhoused Civil Rights in Santa Cruz–Sub Rosa 11 AM Today Wednesday 703 Pacific

A few items on the Agenda tidbits to chew on, plus Bring Your Own:
Reviewing the Santa Cruz “Free” Guide          

Wreckage of the 2020 Election–the Local Scene          

Reacting to the Crush-the-Caregivers Edicts from Bowels of City Mangler Martin Bernal

Confronting the New Shitty Council Meeting and Members 11-10          

Do Black Lives Still Matter in Santa Cruz?  The Status of Mass Protest           Supporting the New Resistance Movement–Aiding TentHomes and VehicularHousing          

“Safe” Parking Places?          

Class War and Rumors of Class War–Where to Go When Winter Descends?
 Rising Psychiatric Forced Holds and Drugging: the Local Scene

Plus coffee, crunchables, and the usual cantankerous comraderie!