Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides netcast 9:30 AM-3 PM today 11-1-20 & archived at Kickass Chatter with Wes White, Bryan Brown, Kat, Steve, etc. Flashbacks to 1994–Cop Riot in S.C., Protests in SC & SJ

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WE WANT OUR PHONE LINE BACK SO YOU CAN CALL IN !  but that won’t happen unless we can find a studio space we can rent around Santa Cruz.  Doesn’t have to be big.  10′ X 10′ will do, indoors or outdoors (we can build a shack if you supply the space).  Just needs electricity and internet access.

WE ALSO CRAVE TO RETURN TO THE AIRWAVES IN ADDITION TO OUR NETCASTING!  That means simply access to a tall tree or rooftop where we can place the antenna.   In Covid-19 times, this is particularly important so the community can talk to itself without the ridiculous limitations of Zoom, etc.

Phone in (423-4833) or e-mail us ( tips on where we might find a studio space and a place to put our antenna.  $300 reward for finding us the studio space.   Eternal gratitude for finding an antenna location.  

When will the Benchlands City-County campground, which many residents have found helpful, be forced to move?   Mid-November is the rumor, but no assurance of places to go–either for the residents there or the much larger majority outside facing a freezing winter.  A private Good Samaritan has spent hundreds of dollars picking up 2700 pounds of garbage that City bosses were letting pile up.  All this next to the many tents huddling against the cheery phony “Housing Matters” sign for the 115 Coral St. poverty-pimp operation.

No action yet on City Mangler Martin Bernal’s 4 Edicts Against the Poor, passed subserviently by Shitty Council plan to once more fence off the Town Clock and surrounding areas to make them hostile to homeless survival campers comes before City Council Tuesday October 27th at the 2:15 PM session.  The “Bury the Library under a Parking Garage” was funded last Tuesday and stalks ahead.  Meanwhile I’ve filed a Brown Act demand that City Council reconsider all items done without public access and participation (see “Brown Act Demand to Santa Cruz City Council: ReDo Meetings You’ve Illegally Closed” at  Badly-needed restroom, food, water, and charging services to the camps are still sorely missed.

COVID budget-cutting in spite of Projects Roomkey and Housekey continues.  While a small number are temporarily in the safer motel shelter, most of the “sheltered” are warehoused in the unhealthy group shelters–and even those shelters are full with waiting lists.  

The Pogonip camps continue to be blocked off and bulldozed.  Those along hiway 1 continue to be starved of sanitary resources.     Encampments along the San Lorenzo pathway near the Broadway bridge and along Hiway 1 at River St.  continue to struggle in record numbers after the City and County created more refugees by displacing the larger Benchlands encampment with their own show County-run encampment there due to be dumped and dispersed in the next few weeks.

City Mangler Bernal’s Emergency Edict banning (largely Latinx) vendors on Beach St. continues its preferential impact, OKing tourist and Boardwalk businesses for masked and unmasked alike along the beaches, the Boardwalk, and the “no vendors allowed” sidewalks.

NOMAD (Needs Oriented Movement assistance and De-escalation) and Food Not Bombs provided escape resources for vehicle dwellers threatened with home seizure by lethally-armed police and Public Works cronies out on the West side of town as younger activists begin to organize to resist what is likely to be the most Reactionary City Government in years–whether Demopublicans or Republicrats “win” the “election”.

XXX  Peeking in at the state Propositions before the November 2nd Day of Doom (“election”) with “Scope it Out” Scott.

XXX  Bryan Brown and Raelyn Butcher on the Marysville Fire and somewhat Successful Lawsuit there.

XXX  Straight-On Steve Describes Rescue Operations for threatened Vehicle-Dwellers up on Western Ave. on 10-28
XXX  Moonside Mallory, Caretaker Kat, Down-but-Dogged Dreadeye, Stringstroker David, and others at the FNB meal speak up.

XXX “Officer Safety” Excuses in San Rafael, Philadelphia, San Jose, and elsewhere continue on their Violent Way.

XXX  Sharp back-and-forth between “Wordwhip ’em into Shape” Wes White and Barking Bathrobespierre Robert from 10-20

XXX  New Year’s Eve (1-1-94)– Sgt. Patty Sepone’s SCPD-Created Riot at the Town Clock Drum Circle–Many Witness Accounts
XXX  1-8-94: Swelling the Ranks of the Poor & Righteous with San Jose’s CHAM (Community Homeless Alliance Ministry) in yet another protest demanding homes not hotels from the Rich-run Redevelopment Agency there.
XXX  1-8-94  Conversations with Sleeping Ban opponents “Jacklight” John Hamilton and Linda “the Lark” Edwards outside Coonerty’s Bookshop Santa Cruz; reports from “Red Top” Robert Flory on the SCPD Assault on the 2nd SleepCrime World Peace Vigil on Pacific Avenue, as City Council passes the anti-Homeless “Hosts” program and the beginning of the Downtown Ordinances attacking the right to sit, spare change, table, and/or perform downtown.  And more…

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Act Locally or Regret Later

  • Vote (if you choose) for local candidates who oppose the dominant anti-homeless narrative (Alicia Kuhl was recently endorsed by HUFF), but don’t expect them to take real action which, as ever, will be coming from those outside and those who support them on the streets.  For those into “lesser evil” voting, consider Kuhl, Hill, Kumars, and Brown for the Shitty Council seats.  For the top cover man for the Corporate Duopoly, vote for someone other than Biden or Trump  (Biden has California sewn up, for those who’ve jumped on the Biden-as-Savior bandwagon). 
  • Proposition pick-apart prognosticator Scott Graham recommends the following votes on the state measures:  14-Yes, 15-Yes, 16-Yes, 17-Yes, 18-Yes, 19-Yes, 20-No, 21-Yes, 22-No, 23-Yes, 24-Yes, 25-Yes
  • Demand NO SWEEPS OF THE HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS without real alternatives.  Jointhe groups listed below, and/or start your own support group to stop the continued “whack-a-mole” SCPD and Public Works “disappear the homeless” approach that now threatens their health & the broader Community’s as well.
  • Volunteer for homeless civil rights or service programs that actually serve:  Food Not Bombs, Day/Night Storage, HUFF, SC Homeless Union, Your Allied Rapid Response (YARR), Sub Rosa Cafe, NOMAD and others mentioned on Instagram.
  • Join Black Lives Matter protests to demand police defunding, the end of homeless harassment, and true community action to restore resources to all of us.