If $40 Billion Rearming of Ukraine Doesn’t Prompt a Nuclear Exchange, HUFF will be meeting at the Sub Rosa Courtyard at 703 Pacific 11 AM THURSDAY 5-19 -next to the Bike Church. Cross your fingers

Still lots of May Street Spirits plus healthy and unhealthy snacks.
Weather predicted to be a temperate 70 degrees. 

Concerns to Consider for this week’s (5-19-22) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting  

  Possible Agenda Items (bring your own)

      +++  Another Shitty Council Meeting Next Tuesday

      +++  Weekend Tabling Downtown against the Council’s Token Shelter and Phony Path to Housing

​      +++  Still worth a look:  Demolishing the Carmel Crossroads Camp–Interviews and Audible Commentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHB1iV3chiY (video)

      +++  Where Do We Go Berkeley “Project Roomkey: An Independent Review of Abode Services and the Rodeway Inn”https://www.wheredowegoberk.org/blog/categories/old-news-but-still-good-stuff

      +++  Koffee Klatching at City Manager’s Door: Demands–Stop the Sweeps; Account for Homeless Moneys Spent and Allotted This Year and Last

      +++  OVO, Anti-War & CSSO Updates

      +++  Food Not Bombs report and phone update

      +++  Mad Power Committee Report

      +++  Benchlands and Other Encampment Updates (if any)
        +++  CARE Court Fight Documents: https://disabilityrightscaliforniadrcadvocacy.sharefile.com/Authentication/Login

      +++  Role Playing, Documenting, and Solidarity Phoning to Fight Camping Ban Enforcement    Tabling

      +++  Mental Health Advisory Board: 3-5 PM Thursday 5-19 (today) at 1400 Emeline St., Bldg K, Room 207.

      +++  Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday 5-19 6-8 p.m.  Archived at https://www1.huffsantacruz.org/lost/FRSC%205-19-22.mp3 late Thursday.