In the Wake of the Council Sell-Out of the Ross Camp: Conscience & Action at 11 AM; HUFF at noon: All at the Sub Rose Wednesday February 13

Conscience and Action meets at 11 AM; HUFF meets at noon; times are flexible.  Both meetings are open.

Agenda Suggestions for 2-13


  • Alternatives for Organizing and Resistance to the Mass Eviction of Ross Beginning Today
  • Update and Response to the Blockaded Bathrooms Situation
  • Truth Squad Activity to Counter City Staff Lies About Available Ross Alternatives
  • Holding the Mayor Accountable for her Abusive Council Behavior Toward Council and Public
  • Wresting the $10 million from poverty pimps:  Action at the HEAP, HAP, or COC HQ.
  • Restoring rights of & safe parking for folks whose homes are on wheels: More Organizing
  • Meeting with Martin the Mangler– suspend ticketing under Sleeping Ban-type laws.
  • Emergency laundry and shower access for the broader homeless community and Ross.
  • Action targeting a real estate profiteer in conjunction with tenant organizations
  • Organizing mass support for the upcoming February 26 meeting at City Council around students, immigrants, elderly, differently-abled, and youth groups and an attempt to reverse the February 12th Demolition of the Camp Decision.

    For HUFFsters

  • The Ticket-and-Tow Racket–the Latest Chapter
  • Polling and Organizing RVsters and Vehicle Dwellers with Alicia and Cynthia
  • Update on Berkeley activists defending People’s Park against new attacks.
  • Confronting Council Crapola—sustaining and expanding restored public comment under Mayor Martine Watkins by action from the “Progressive 4”
  • Tenants in Trouble—demanding real data from the Task Farce, organizing with students, renters, elderly, disabled groups to establish mutual power and solidarity.
  • Connections and Union of the Homeless Outreach to Campers in and out of Ross
  • Homeless (Lack of) Service Center Update–Changes or More of the Same: an Examination of the latest answers from workers inside.
  • SCPD: demanding revelation of surveillance devices throughout the City, police records on use of force, selective enforcement, racial profiling.  Protests to open the property room during regular SCPD hours daily.
  • MHCAN:  A New Regime with Pleich gone as Executive Director?
  • Report from the state Union of the Homeless  and upcoming Stockton/Sacramento protests.