Introductory Update from Freedom SleepOut #105 woth plus More Flashy Flashbacks from December 15, 2005 with further flashbacks to the 1994 New Year’s police riot in downtown Santa Cruz 6 PM tonight 7-20-17 on 101.3 FM

Tonight’s show  is a flashback with an introductory update.    Ignore all phone numbers and other contemporary announcements–since they mostly apply to 12 years ago.  Street reports and messages can be left at 831-423-4833.
Pick up historical tidbits and parallels with this flashback which features interviews with Ocean on his Officer “Robocop” Perry arrest, FRSC broadcaaster Sandino’s burglary interrogation, and Human Rights Day 2005 speeches and snarls.

The show streams on and tomorrow archives at

For info on how to act and not just listen while gentrification galooses take over the City and drive out the poor, go to the Food Not Bombs and  Freedom Sleeper facebook pages.  Or directly to City Hall, the Main Post Office, or where ever the struggle is raging.

Volunteer to help at 575-330-3377 or by meeting with folks on the street.