Many Voices from December 2004: Free Radio Santa Cruz Flashback from December 12

Highlights:  Street interviews around  harassment of peaceful panhandlers (Becky Johnson discusses Officer Garner’s new “begging near a freeway” interpetation of a city code)…How corporate is the new Trader Joe’s downtown?….Highlights and Lowlifes at Human Rights Hypocrisy Day  in front of the courthouse with Mayor Rotkin on December 12…Street interviews including more CSO Pam Bachtel harassment downtown…More Human Rights Hypocrisy Day with Pat Clark, Mike Rotkin…Barbara of Clear View Court gives  a caustic update on the destruction of rent control there…Richard Quigley discusses lying CHP officers in his helmet case as well as the banning of Jerry Henry from the Aptos Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center ($25,000 bail and a stay-away for offending the Coffee Roasting Co. manager).
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