More “Public Safety” Snake-Oil Today at 6 PM at the CopShop

Title: Public Hysteria Task Farce Slimes On…
START DATE: Wednesday October 30
TIME: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Location Details:
Santa Cruz Police Department’s Community Room at Laurel and Center Streets
Event Type: Vigil/Ritual
Contact Name Susan O’Hara (posted by Norse)
Email Address sohara [at]
Phone Number 831 420-4020
Susan O’Hara is the city’s staff person (your tax payer dollars at work) who–along with Scott Collins–has been feeding and tending the Task Farce beast.

It may seem unfair to blame these bureaucrats who are facilitating this official cover for reactionary demonization of the homeless (“it’s just my job; my family has to eat: etc.)

Still Susan and Scott Collins–not to mention the ever-amiable Fred Keeley–are the workhorses that keep this foul flock fed and watered (again on your taxpayer dime). as they excrete the foundation for a new level of costly, cruel, cowardly, and pointless attacks on the poor and the addicted.

The graphic representation at still aptly conveys the underlying spirit of the TF.

It’s being smoothly soft-pedaled by Seaside Company Snake Oil salesman Kris Reyes He is the Director of General Services and External Relations at the Santa Cruz Seaside Company. His softer packaging seems to have upset some of the more Tea Party-ish members last week.

Epitomized by Renee Golder, they’d like to see more explicit and outspoken medieval Drug War measures (such as a straight-forward ban on all needle exchange in the County).

In order to maintain credibility with those a tad nervous about jumping on the reactionary steam roller, Reyes would prefer to submerge us slowly in the water, so it can be quietly heated to a boil later. Let’s not appear “extreme”.

But the entire group is clear on supporting a retreat back into the worst Drug War paranoia of the last century by agreeing on the objective of banning needle exchange in Santa Cruz city, for instance.

This was already done by City Council when it shut down the only site in the City at Barson St. last January behind closed doors with no public discussion, expert input, or public vote.

The sound of former liberals scuttling for cover as misinformed and fearful bigots shook their cans of improperly discarded needles at city council and Bryant-Coonerty opportunist politicians licking their ambitious chops was deafening and infuriating.

The flier I distributed there last week at still sums up the origins, impulse, goals, & toxic consequences of this surrender to homeless-aphobia hysteria.

The repulsive juggernaut lurches on today–again without audience input–at the cop shop, though the public is welcome to go and watch this well-mannered train wreck.

Issues of real crime and real rehabilitation are not the focus of this group. But as with Sheriff Wowak and his successful propaganda to spend $25 million to upgrade and expand the local jail, the TF camouflages its real passion and prejudice with reassuring noises about youth truancy and drug-treatment.

Their real interest is creating a hostile climate for homeless people and the counter culture, designating them as a “public safety” threat.

Agenda and staff report (and subsequent audio) are at .

It’s a bit hard to follow recent audio since they are completing a line by line finalizing of their report.

Still, it beats relying on the complaint and complaissant Shanna (Banana-Brain) McCord who continues her career as SCPD swill-spreader.
See .

Real public safety, of course means addressing real problems instead of scapegoating street performers, homeless residents, and hippie travelers. But it makes a convenient diversion from confronting those with real wealth and power whose insatiable hunger gobbles up homes, jobs, and lives.