More Stalling at City Council in Santa Cruz;; Planning Memorial & Protest Against the City Killing of Deiseiere Quintero– 11 AM Sub Rosa at 703 Pacific, followed by HUFF Wednesday October 30th


Note:  Agenda Ideas are simply suggestions and subject to change and addition from anyone in the group.  They cover a wide range of possibilities. 

  • Announcements: Choice of Action Items; Timekeeper & Time Limits; Vibes Guy 
  • Lower Ocean Elder/Disabled Evictions; What Happened Yesterday?
  • Louden Nelson Bathroom and Sleep-Out Updates
  • Protest and Council Prep for Sunday November 3, Council Flashmobbing November 5th in the Quintero Killing
  • Following up on the Justin Cummings Outreach on Encampments, Enforcement, Rent, and Bathrooms; Will the Elusive Cummings Respond?
  • Stina Follow-Up on Peepee Bottles to City Council for November 5th ; Alternative Protests at Bernal, Cummings, Watkins door
  • Updates on Shelter Availability & the Winter Shelter Sham
  • Updates on Exposing the O’Hara Narrative; 1220 Reports
  • Union of the Homeless Update–Upcoming Events

For HUFFsters  New Street Spirits and Street Sheets now available. November Issue Available in 2 weeks

  • Announcements: Including Brief Summaries of Agenda Items
  • Finishing the C & A Agend
  • Union of the Homeless Proposals Around Mandatory Incarceration for Shelter or “Obligation to Shelter”
  • Monitoring Campground & Shelter Conditions–Tabling at Coral St.: Another Union Proposal
  • Synchronizing with SC Union of the Homeless Organizing
  • Haebe’s Hellraising–Latest Report from Ivorytickler Scott
  • RV Update–Re: Police Response, Vigilante Action, & Reports from Other Cities