Nippy Weather Outdoors but often the usual Heated Exchange at HUFF–meeting in Sub Rosa Courtyard next to the Bike Church 11 AM Wednesday November 25th 703 Pacific

Agenda Prospects
Shouting Shame at the Shysters–Follow-Up on the Darkside Debbie Elston Protest at Copshop and DTA HQ     

Possible Spotty Updates on the Status of Psych Patients Rights to Refuse Medication in County Lock-Up

 City Council: All the Sanity Was in the Call-In’s as Cop Cosmetics Take the Day         

Council Nervously Crowns the “other” Homeless Union
         War Against the Poor Updates from Jail

 The Benchlands Depopulation and the Needs of Those Remaining
         NOMAD & Other Ally Updates

 ……….with outdoor heating provided by Joe Schultz and coffee brewed by the Sub Rosa Barrista
          plus the usual comraderie of chaos at the meeting