Sunday (11-22)’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show–Archived at Shouting Back Against Vehicular Vigilanteism by Deborah Elston’s “Volunteer Police” & more

Apologies to listeners for the late posting of the 11-22 show and its late description here.

Norse’s Notes

Benchlands City-County campground residents have largely been moved to the distant Delaveaga area.   New fences are going up on the County Bureaucrat side of “Camp Freedom” at the Lawn Bowling court.  A few residents have been given a few days notice to move or else.  Some departing County campground residents have given their tents and cots to the Freedom folks, but there is now no potable water available and few portapotties.  San Lorenzo bathrooms remain shut and there has been no invitation to use the County building bathrooms.   The same crucial shortages plague the Hiway 1 camps..  December  Rain, residents tell me, are likely to turn their camping area in front of the Housing Mutters ad sign on hiway 1 up to and beyond the railroad tracks into a river.   

Povertypimp Patron Don Lane backs grantgrabber claims of extensive shelter (see )    Campsites at the Benchlands, near Felker St. and the cemetery face “flood warning” excuses to be moved along, with NOMAD workers reportedly planning to assist them in moving where they want to go.  The reality of increasingly cold Winter nights still hasn’t stirred warm-and-cozy City and County bureaucrats into setting up badly-needed restroom, food, water, and charging services for the overwhelming majority of those outside.  

City Council’s agenda again had nothing re: Winter Shelter, nor relieving the risk of the many congregate shelters (Veteran’s Hall, Laurel St., Paul Lee).  Brent Adams of the Warming Center overflow shelter has expanded his rented space, but gets no support from the City coffers. 

My Public Records Act requests remain fundamentally unanswered.  One asked for access to the citations of RV dwellers targeted for harassment by volunteer police officer and veteran reactionary Deborah Elston..  Another sought key memos from Supervisor Coonerty to Councilmember Myers on a rumored round-em-up and ship-em-out deportation scheme against the homeless. 

No offered accounting of City and County outlays from Project Roomkey and Project Housekey to identify the vulnerable homeless population ignored.  The costly $1 mil per year Benchlands campground was an example of providing a showcase shelter for a few while ignoring the plight of the many–standard Santa Cruz strategy. 

While a number of vulnerable unhoused are temporarily in the safer motel shelter, most of those “sheltered” are warehoused in the unhealthy group shelters–and even those shelters have waiting lists as the SCPD and its “social worker” allies pass out alleged available resource lists.    

The Pogonip camps continue to be blocked off with no restoration of portapotties, wash stations, and trash pick-ups along hiway 9.   Ditto with the scores of tents along hiway 1 near the intersection with 9–no portapotties for the scores of Pogonip evacuees there.   

And, of course, there’s no drop-in Winter Shelter so folks willing to brave congregate shelters are being left outside to freeze this winter. 

No change in “The Mangler”‘s  Emergency Edict banning (largely Latinx) vendors on Beach St. with a “report” that reports no vending options for the vendors.  

NOMAD (Needs Oriented Movement Assistance and De-escalation) and Food Not Bombs have reportedly helped some vehicle dwellers move their vehicles to temporary safety or secured possessions from threatened vehicles.      Call 226-998 for more information.

A Monday 11-23 “Wake Up, Officer Elston” protest was held outside her house at 323 Majors St. protesting her apparent targeted citation of vehicular homes–notably that of homeless organizer Alicia Kuhl.  A partial video of the protest can be seen at


XXX “Whip the Wicked” Wes White and Anton Hunter on the continuing Robert’s Lake RV Camp, brighter Salinas City Council prospects, more homeless sweeps and the COVID-19 situation for those outside.

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Vehicular Home Attack and possible Community responses

XXX  A lookback:  the 1927 Columbine Mine Massacre

XXX  Food Not Bombs voices: Maitlin rhapsodizes on the tough times in the rain; Joe Pace’s update on Dreadeye’s arrest & other tips;

Kat on the Pirate (Marty Mirabel) case(s);

XXX  Interviews at Freedom Camp, the Upper Benchlands, after the Relocation of the County’s Lower Benchlands Campground–with Mark and Communitarian Cooper. 

Brief FLASHBACK to May 1994 and the “Who Owns the Sidewalks” Protests Against the Sitting Ban  

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