No Curfew Without Due Consideration: Stop Martin Bernal’s Rush to Close the Main Beach at Night

Stop the “Hide the Poor” Beach Curfew
Open San Lorenzo & City Bathrooms at Night

ReOpen the Louden (London) Nelson Bathrooms!

  • No one, including 1000-2000 homeless folks,  have actual bathroom facilities for nighttime use (except for 3 wretched portapotties downtown)
  • Santa Cruz City Council debated then ducked the issue of reopening the Louden Nelson bathrooms & passed it to the CACH (Community Advisory Committee on Homelessness). The LN bathrooms were closed to all but “patrons” in March 2018.
  • The CACH, run by Assistant City Manager Susie O’Hara, ignored the issue,
  • CACH met at LN & scheduled months of future meetings there, a slap at homeless.
  • At Drew Glover’s regular agenda meeting 9-6, neither he nor Councilmember Krohn took action to require the reopening by agreeing to require a future agenda item on 9-10.
  • Police Chief  Mills, Parks and Rec boss Elliot, and City Manager Bernal are rushing to Council Tuesday (7:30 PM 9-10) to shut down the Main Beach & continue bathroom closure there at night.  Their staff report includes no documentation for this closure.
  • Conscience and Action, Food Not Bombs, HUFF, the California Homeless Union, and Give a Shit! volunteers directly opened Louden Nelson bathrooms recently in direct actions that they intend to repeat until the city’s potty pinchers get the message.

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No Curfew Without Consideration

Santa Cruz City Council Chambers

Tuesday  September 10  7:30 PM

  • Police Chief Mills, Parks and Rec boss Elliot, and City Manager Bernal want to shut down the Main Beach and continue bathroom closure there at night. 
  • As with last spring’s Depot Park plan, there has been no community outreach
  • The proposal supports the agenda of right-wing activist Lynn Renshaw whose letter in the Sunday Sentinel seemed to indicate advance knowledge of the proposal.
  • The Mills/Elliot Bernal staff report has zero specific documentation for this closure.
  • No hearing before the Parks and Recreation Commission—the normal procedure.
  • No hearing before the new homeless CACH Commission.
  • Vice-Mayor Justin Cummings is a fan of the CACH Commission and “more data” (i.e. staff, city, and county buy-in) when it comes to transitional encampments, bathroom closure, and police harassment of homeless.  On this homeless removal issue to be fair and consistent, he must vote to postpone unless and until data are available.
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Flier by Norse of  HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) 831-423-4833     9-9-19

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