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HUFFsters will be goofing off today.   Wednesday, November 29th is the next meeting date for HUFF at the Sub Rosa Cafe. 
Monterey County activists fighting for the rights of RV dwellers on Lapis Road report a storm of daytime “move-along” citations in spite of the proposed and night-time only so-called Safe Parking Program that send RV’s nomading off during the daytime hours where the nearby cities have RV parking bans.  An earlier story is at

San Lorenzo Campground continues as a survival campground, in spite of venomous flak from former Police Boss Kevin Vogel in the Sunday Sentinel, uncovering a barely concealed homeless-hostile agenda.  Perhaps a bid for political power or a response to pressure from reactionary colleagues.  See and the chorus of Dittos that follows from the usual crew of bigots.  Though reportedly limited to confined spaces and smaller numbers than prior to the “clean up”, folks are sharing spaces there.  An update from City on a Hill can be found at

The Parks and Records citation searching crew has found an upsurge of stay-away orders from San Lorenzo Park back in June, but has yet to request and research July through November citations.  Volunteers step forward to help–and call 831-423-4833.

Please report conditions in San Lorenzo Park, around the Post Office, and along the Coral St. sidewalk where numerous nightly encampments have grown. And also note the harassment actions against homeless in downtown, residential, and business areas where ticketing apparently has continued and possibly intensified.


The Sleeping Ban City Council’s current toleration of San Lorenzo survival activity should not be mistaken for fair and equal treatment of unhoused people in public spaces generally.  The restrictive laws include Stay-Away’s, single vehicle parking, overnight (and in some areas 24-hour) parking bans, abusive enforcement of Downtown Ordinances on Pacific as well as heavy and selective enforcement of the “no smoking” ordinances.

The real reason limited camper toleration is here is police enforcement is an impossibility.   Both in terms of economics and real-life-consequences, the plan to drive homeless folks out of sight and out of town just doesn’t work.  As services are cut back or require “a path to housing” (vouchers, checks), folks appear on the streets, next to buildings, etc.  Tickets in the Pogonip, along the tracks, and in the parks has caused a migration to residential neighborhoods—causing a flurry of quacking and cawing by enraged bourgeois residents.

The San Diego ACLU (local ACLU take note!) has failed a lawsuit against anti-homeless deportation policies down there.  See .

Inadequate Winter Shelter started in mid-November at the Salvation Army with some minor improvements in intake from last year.   Hopefully the opening of this mini-programs won’t be the pretext for driving folks away from San Lorenzo.  Contact allies of the homeless such as Food Not Bombs to oppose a likely winter sweep.

The SCPD has readied Public Records that document the use of the abusive Stay-Away process for the last 9 months. Help HUFF document this wretched record to uncover the obvious pattern of enforcement which largely impacts houseless people.  We’ll be hoping to look into some of the records after the HUFF meeting.  


You can also help fight the Stay-Away orders as they are individually levied on homeless folks; contact Food Not Bombs  or HUFF  (numbers below).  Let these folks know if you or anyone you know has recently been given a Stay-Away order along with an Infraction ticket, particularly if it’s for longer than 24 hours (or 72 hours after October 12th when the new expanded law goes into effect).  Also report any frivolous citations (sitting, smoking in a distant and vacant area, so-called “trespass” on public property, and, of course, camping as well as the ever-popular “open container” citations).


If meetings aren’t your thing, but you  wish to work on Public Records, Help compile accounts of Police/Ranger abuses and/or Assist in getting interviews for Free Radio broadcasts or You-Tube Postings, contact Bathrobespierre Robert at 831-423-4833


Activists around Food Not Bombs and the Freedom Sleepers are also looking for help gathering volunteers for the support meals on Saturday & Sunday as well as folks who want to help homeless harassed with citations for Being Visibly Homeless.  Contact them at 575-770-3377.

Or go on line to the Facebook page of Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs.   FNB activists fear an upsurge of pressure against the downtown meals near the post office as follow up to the “coaxed removal” of the homeless encampment there.   Sign up to support their Emergency Response Network by contacting them through Facebook or in person at the Saturday and Sunday meals.  The idea is to quickly gather in numbers if city authorities attempt to shut down the meal.