Protest and Press Conference to stop the Demolition of the Ross Camp: Protest Tuesday 3:45 PM City Hall [1 Attachment]

Protest and Press Conference

Tuesday, March 19th 3:45 PM City Hall

Ross Camp Residents & Council Speak Out !

Back the Lawsuit ! No Homeless Bulldozing on April 17th !

Speak Out    Munchables Provided   Bring Friends 

Sunday March 17 4-6 PM Food Not Bombs Main Post Office: Pick up Tally Sheets to Document Shelter Insufficiency at FNB Table  7 PM St.Patrick’s Day Gathering at the Ross Camp

Monday March 18 3 PM Camp Pathway near the Bridge: Ross Council meets with Drew Glover

+++ On 3-12, the entire City Council dumped its February 26th promise to postpone any closure of the Ross Camp until there was adequate shelter or safe sleeping space for the entire population there.

+++ The Council’s “solution”:  Set up shelter for 100 people at the boneyard & another spot.

+++ The “solution” won’t shelter 100-200 Ross residents. It ignores the rest of the homeless population.

+++ The overcrowded Ross camp needs overflow shelter and services now not an April 17th deadline.

+++ Ross camp residents are preparing an Injunction with the assistance of attorney Anthony Prince of the California Homeless Union to force the City to respect the Martin v. Boise decision.  Support the lawsuit!

Flier byHUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) 831-423-4833     3-16-19




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