Public Safety Task Force Meeting & Public Records Act Request

Hillary:Thanks for your reply to my e-mail (hopefully it will be available as a Public Record should anyone else want to access it).

I did speak with Scott yesterday who says he’ll try to get an audio recorder into the meeting to record proceedings.

I’ve been involved in meetings in that small side room in the Civic in the past, and it’s quite difficult to get a good recording of participants–even when they sit around a table.  Even harder to allow a significant number of people in there.  Considering the massive numbers who’ve turned out for Public Safety Committee meetings and City Council meetings on this issue, you’re going to have a mob outside with no access.

It’s also true, is it not?, that you’ve hand-picked this group. It includes no homeless people, addicts or former addicts, no homeless advocates, no public defenders, and damn few service providers.   So its credibility is not enhanced, by having such limited access.  Nor can speakers be turned on to accommodate an outside crowd, as they could across the street.

Seems to me that postponing the meeting until it is really accessible is a necessary step here.  While it’s hard to coordinate the schedules of 15 task force members–for sure–these are individuals who signed up for the job, and part of that job is to be responsible to and accessible to the public.  So put it off for a week or two until it can be properly done.   Or delay the DeSal hearing an hour, and put it in the Council chambers.

There are numerous options, if you wish to pursue them.

I’d also appreciate real disclosure of your e-mails to and from the public and  other agencies in the last year.   To claim your entire e-mail stream for 2012 consists of three newsletters doesn’t pass the “straight face” test.   I found you friendly and approachable in our one meeting.  I think as mayor, you need to take that step–which is an essential to open government.

Please treat this as a renewed Public Records Act request to view all your e-mails for the last year that in any way impinge on City business and in which you were approached in your capacity as a City Council member.

I’m prepared to narrow down my request, if you contact me personally, which would save you and the staff significant work.  You can reach me at 423-4833.  Otherwise, I’ll need to view all of them to seek answers to questions I’ve raised in prior e-mails.



Date: Tue, 7 May 2013 06:43:04 -0700
Subject: RE: Tony Hill Room Clearly Too Small for Public Safety Task Force

The Tony Hill Room selection is a function of trying to arrange the meeting of 15 individuals, staff and presenters.  Unfortunately, Council Chambers were already scheduled this evening for a special Joint Study Session of the City Council and the Soquel Creek Water District Board of Directors.
The Public Safety Task Force meeting is open to the public, the agenda has been posted to the City website, and numerous media outlets have already broadcast the meeting date and location.  The task force members will be asked tonight about preferred locations for future meetings, and public observation/participation will be an important consideration in the discussion.
From: Robert Norse []
Sent: Monday, May 06, 2013 1:57 PM
To: Hilary Bryant
Subject: Tony Hill Room Clearly Too Small for Public Safety Task Force
Hillary:Given the public interest, booking so small a room (for such a large Task Force) provides very little public access.  Will the hearings be televised?  Wouldn’t that be much easier across the street?  I would urge that they be postponed until they can be transparent and public.  Otherwise one gets the impression of a pre-selected group meeting behind largely closed doors with little public input.

Please let me know what you intend.


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