Santa Cruz County Homeless Union President Launches RV Park-In Protest



Recent renewal of harassment of RV dwellers along Woodrow has prompted Alicia Kuhl of the SC Homeless Union to organize a Park-In to protest the threatening vigilante behavior. This morning, homeless activist Alicia Kuhl posted the following facebook event at

“Park In/Protest. We are hosting a 72 hour park in on the corner of Woodrow & Westcliff near the end of Pelton. Starting tonight for 72 hours. Please come and park, share food, talk, or just park. Bring signs! We have a right to park for 72 hours, harassment is illegal, everybody has a right to live etc. See you there. Fight Poverty NOT The Poor! Can you hear me?????” ❤❤

Alicia advised me by phone that she had contacted the SCPD after recent harassment from a neighbor posting a “We Watch Our Area; This is Not a Campground” notice on her car. She had a fifteen minute phone conversation with an officer she described as condescending and dismissing. She and other vehicle dwellers decided it was time to renew a basic public demands on Chief Andy Mills’ department–originally made months ago.

The demand: that Mills direct his officers to advise vigilantes calling in with repeated (and often false) complaints that false complaints to the police are a misdemeanor and punishable by fine and imprisonment. In the past, Kuhl reports experiencing repeated contacts with police who warn her they’ve been told her RV was parked past the 72 hour limit. Alicia claims these are repeated false complaints–since she moves her RV regularly.
West Side Neighbors, local anti-homeless NIMBY’s, have been organizing apparently to map out “strategies” of harassment. See at