Wednesday July 3, 2019 Pow-Wow for the Park-In at Conscience and Action at the Sub Rosa at 11 AM followed by HUFF at or sometime after Noon at 703 Pacific


Note:  Agenda Ideas are simply suggestions and subject to change and addition from anyone in the group.  They cover a wide range of possibilities.

  • Announcements: Choice of Action Items
  • Park-In Report from Last Night; Prospects for the Next 2 Nights
  • 4th of July Triple Fines; Weekend Declaration Tabling at FNB; Iran Anti-War Demo Saturday
  • Main Projects–Where to Focus?: Louden Nelson Bathroom Action & Organizing: P & R Report, July 8 Demo…RV Protection….Campground Union Organizing
  • Glover Call on Release of Infraction Examination, Investigation, Housing Problem                                                                                                               
  • Old Business—Follow-Up’s:  River St. Campground Situation:  Showers, Visitors, Drop-In’s, the City’s Model   
  • Needle Exchange Expansion Debate/Forum…Post Office Box: Alicia Homeless Union Report
  • Stepping Up Santa Cruz Resource List–Who’ll Do the Follow-Up?

  • For HUFFsters
  • Announcements: Including Brief Summaries of Agenda Items
  • Further Action on C & A Items
  • Park-In Protest Support & P & R Report
  • Street Reports
  • Public Records: Oral Communication History
  • Glover Phone Update
  • Campside Connections & Mills Enforcement
  • Jack’s Restaurant Discrimination Sting
  • Crackdown on RV’s at Safeway and Elsewhere; Recent Fliers
  • RV Attacks & Restricted”Reforms” in Other Cities
  • SNAIL Update?
  • Berkeley Report