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  1. HUFF audiences 2011 what I witnessed as a homeless person was an attack the city of Santa Cruz refuses to take public. Tossed out on to the streets due to CPS my husband Larry Ira Perlin and a towed car (I lived in my Mercedes Benz wagon for several weeks) I decided to stay a vagabond watch closely these ruthless attacks on those who have lost their homes due to several disasters non NATURAL. Mortgage Crisis, HIGH cost of medical treatments and the lack in services to prevent once fine families from sleeping under a bridge. I now know dozens living under a SLEEPING BAN who have cancer. Due to circumstances too long to explain I was jailed for a minor offence for 70 days 35 in LOCK DOWN rack. THEY did this to clean up what I saw. I saw dozens of new card board boxes all along the SAN LORENZO river banks. HOMELESS told me some men were distributing new clothes, sneakers, bikes and food. These people also told me their personal belongings beloved instruments, books, family memories were gone. I ask taken by whom as they were under the influence? Important to comprehend the bottled juices – beverages passed out had pre poured vodka and gin in them. I reported this to the county sheriff;s. I took them proof. Due to how LONG ago this was I have been told there is ground zero value in bringing this to your attention. Nor have I been invited to share what I saw while in jail. Hope this provokes some interest soon! Kathlean J Keesler Genovese Perlin Kate to pals! Or to those in the knowing KATE KEESLER JAGGER Facebook.
    Robert let this out of the cage please!

  2. In jail I met women who had been inside off and on for 33 years. I heard of children sent to FOSTER CARE or being raised by family members. I saw these women released to the streets where they seemed to be so disconnected with family they simply chose to remain homeless. I saw women convinced by AA and NA they were forever broken. I heard if they took a pain med they lost all their sobriety. I saw tooth decay pain the jail did little to assist with. I saw girls taken to have teeth removed with no injections to lower the pain. I saw women who had not had a “period” in years. WHY? In jail they force inmates to take pills. WHAT are these, who knows Myself they handed me different pills and said if I did not take them I would be taken to rack. Apparently the lock down I was housed in was one of the luxury cells. I was released after the PD was called told I was still inside. My records had disappeared. The DA’s office Mike Roe told me there were no records of my arrest SCPD or my long incarceration. HELLO? I tried to get a police report to send to CREDIT CARD collections attorney’s to show them I could not have uses those cards I WAS IN JAIL Aug-Oct 2011. To this very date after providing the sheriff’s and the DA’s office with proof my husband stole my ID not a single agency has contacted me. Thus I remain without that POLICE REPORT.
    POINT as MR NORSE would scold me with is the “HOMELESS” and how our county deals with them. NO one would help me an American citizen tax payer, once had a car, bank accounts, 2 mortgages, wth a fine reputation go after my husband. CLETS order 4 yrs was tagged on to a closed CPS case. STUCK in between the CITY politics and the COUNTY negligence.
    Until people like you; we hope are well blanketed react to my case others; will be flushed down the sewers under their new MODIFIED stay away orders through out the PARKS and RECREATIONS territory. THANKS folks KATIE GENOVESE rooster pic on GOOGLE.

  3. While in jail before they decided to lock me in solitary confinement I saw the inmates doing strange thinks I was told they were given newspapers and their INTELLIGENCE was used for commodity gambles WHAT? The women were given these sheets of paper they filled out. THEY stayed up all night long. They seemed struck by speed. I reported this urine tests were taken B I N G O speed was found. HOW did it get in? I was told certain men and women inside the DA PD’S office were given sex favors. WHAT? Yes they said certain law enforcement literally had girls they sexually favored! 2 girls told me when released they danced on tables NUDE for these same men & women. TRUE! Oh my is it too late to locate those sweet women with such potentials? WHEN will the good police, Robert insists do not exist in SANTA CRUZ COUNTY come out HELP US with these true stories? After all while incarcerated I worked with sheriff;s I trusted. Thanks again MR NORSE
    Kate …………NEED A HUG?

  4. For your information June 8th 2011 after a nasty battle wth my 9th grader I called her school HARBOR HIGH. I 1st spoke to the receptionist who I rather liked. She listened and said she too might have slapped her child for using such disrespectful language. My daughter came @ me like a lion. I left a VOICE MAIL message asking for help for my daughters school counselor 6 hrs later I was arrested for child abuse. CPS refused to allow me to hear that message. CPS decided my daughter ought to go to a jury trial against me in September. I knew nothing of this. I could have gotten dozens of witnesses to STATE loudly I was a wonderful Mother and SCHOOL volunteer. NO family mediation was ordered. WHY? Thus far I missed my daughters 13 and 16th birthdays, all holidays, MOTHERS DAY and a high school graduation! This county thinks this is normal treatment? MY daughters have been through hell. My (towed) car was parked behind the co owned gates to 911 30th ave 95062. November 2011 my divorce attorney could not demand this be given back to me? My daughters were told if they spoke to me CPS would place them in FOSTER CARE! My girls tried to reach me told their father to give MOM her car back. WHERE did all the belongings inside disappear to? THE girls told me Dad removed them. They even gave me a few I have with me today. Dad said all he found after he bid $2,300.00 for my car at an auto auction was trash! Who stole my stuff which included a new DVD player, borrowed tapes from he library, new boom box and various live out of your car items? Sleeping bags, pillows, books, clothes, SS CARD, gallon jug with coins 1/2 filled, pass port, Birth certificate, banking records, tax records and cooking utensils. Things I paid cash for at the DOLLAR STORE! The gallon jug EMILY told me Dad took it’s sitting empty in the co owned laundry room @ 911 30th ave.!
    The end of my FORCED house-less sob story. Thanks for the shoulders to cry on! Kathlean Jean Keesler Perlin
    Will they arrest me for feeding the house-less………..FOOD NOT BOMBS?

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