HUFF Flyer from the Women’s March Saturday

Flyer Distributed at the Women’s March Earlier Today
by Robert Norse (rnorse3 [at]
Saturday Jan 20th, 2018 11:22 PM

This is an updated version of a flyer originally prepared last year in response to repression at the Bookshop Santa Cruz in its hypocritical reading of George Orwell’s 1984, while excluding disfavored activists from the store, even from access to its publicly funded bathroom. My broader focus was on the criminalization of the poor and specifically poor women..
The tumultous massive Women’s Day march seemed to have as many as last March’s huge march, though not having a helicopter it was hard to tell. Folks packed into Pacific Avenue and at points it became hard to squeeze through.

Many signs, many unfamiliar faces, hundreds of children, dogs, women and men. Organizations with huge banners and an ocean of anti-Trump signs and pussy hats.

As ever, I was concerned about this being another “kick out Trump and reinstall Trumpism under the Democrats” rally with little or no focus on local discrimination against women (specifically homeless women). I did see one “End the Sleeping Ban” sign.

Many (myself included) have delighted in the drop in citing people for sleeping at night on public property and the opening (for a few) of the San Lorenzo Park as campground, However the Sleeping Ban law is still on the books; City Council is still in the hands of a repressive Terrazas majority; and homeless women (and men) continue to face harassment and citation for just being in public spaces.

Neo-liberal hypocrites like the Coonerty clan (that own and manage the Bookshop Santa Cruz) continue to play politics with homeless lives, supporting anti-homeless laws like the Parking Lot Panic law (which bans being in a parking lot without parking a vehicle or walking directly through).

The question I’ve repeatedly asked is whether these large nationally organized parades actually lead to any real local action on human and civil rights issues. I didn’t see much come out of last year’s March Women’s March.

My interviews and commentary will be broadcast on Free Radio Santa Cruz and will be archived 1-22 at .

by Robert Norse  
Download and distribute–not just for the Women’s Day March.

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Protest Rising in Santa Cruz?

Escalating Protest Against Institutionalized Police Bullying on the Horizon?
by Robert Norse
Saturday Dec 6th, 2014 12:33 AM

I see rising national outrage against police, prosecutors, and politicians for the entrched system of callous class and vicious racial warfare. Will this find local expression in demands for profound change here in Santa Cruz? HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) will be serving Shout-Out Soup at Tuesday’s afternoon City Council meeting opposing the “Stamp-Out-the-Homeless” Stay-Away Orders. I’m also suggesting some ideas for a overturning the current SCPD system that covers up class and racial abuse, targets and scapegoats the homeless, packs the jails with Drug War criminals, and makes the community less safe. HUFF will be supporting a Saturday of protest on December 13th, demanding justice for us all.



Protests continued in many cities across the nation for the third day and night (see even Fox news at ). The demand for an end to police violence and privilege is something to make the ghost of Emma Goldman dance up a joyful storm. While symbolic, peacemeal, and focused on a few individual cases, awareness is growing that individuals and communities abused by the police are not alone. Not only the talk of the nation, I hope this swelling tide becomes the talk of the town and the county–a series of tsunamis with enough force to engulf the castles of power and privilege. Could it happen here?To that end, I present two flyers which I’ll be distributing tomorrow at the Xmas parade (10-noon), the UN Human Rights celebration (noon to 3), and the “Compassion is not a crime; Food is a right” demonstration at the main post office starting at 4 PM. HUFF will also be gathering tickets and providing claim forms to be filed against the city for police and ranger abuses against poor and homeless people involving property theft, the Sleeping Ban, Stay-Away-from-Parks edicts, and the Downtown Ordinances at the Food Not Bombs table at 4 PM We’ll also be at City Council Tuesday afternoon at 3 PM along with soup, coffee, and brownies.

§Protest at City Hall Tuesday 12-9

by Robert Norse Saturday Dec 6th, 2014 12:33 AM


§Reiterated Background

by Robert Norse Saturday Dec 6th, 2014 12:33 AM



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