Shiver your timbers in the courtyard of the Sub Rosa Cafe at 11 AM Thursday (today) January 6th next to the Bike Church

Mid 50’s.  No rain.  Quaff Coffee ‘n creamer under the amidst friendly if sniffly company.

Partial Agenda Prospects  for Thursday’s (1-6) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting 

  Likely Agenda Topics 

      +++  Bad news but a second bite off the OVO law at the upcoming Zoning hearing 1-12 10 AM

      +++  Updates on the gruesome struggles of the Marina and Pajaro refugees

      +++  Benchlands Status: No Hook-ups, No Charging Stations, Standing Water, Whatever we can learn

      +++  Depot Park, Camp Paradise Reports, and Scattered Outreach from Around Town ?

      +++  Omicron Hysteria and the Vaccine Mandates?  Impact on Homeless Folks

      +++  Available after 6 PM: Thursday’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show on archives: also likely from 6-8 PM on

      +++  Still looking for”Powerhouse” Robbie Powelson’s Reports from Sausalito, Novato, San Rafael, & Petaluma

      +++  Increased Police State Measures re: COVID and Impact on Unhoused

Still Looking for Researchers:

      +++ Vehicle Code Vivisection: Likely increased harassment by Haebe, Elston, and the 30-40 “Volunteer” Junior Brownshirts at the SCPD under both the Oversized Vehicle Ordinance [OVO] & misuse of the so-called 72-hour “abandoned vehicle” code.

      +++  Failed protections against Psychiatric Deportations, the record of Reiss hearing failures, dumping and forced drugging of the  “mentally ill” in spite of the 2018

+++  Appealing the inevitable bad Zoning Administrator Hearing on the OVO law

      +++  Crunching Data Withheld Homeless Report from 2019 & Looking for the Remainder

      +++  Crunching Data from the 2019 Ticketing Data–Does It Target Homeless Folks?

Interested in research but allergic to meetings?  Help us at 831-423-4833 or e-mail    

NOW AVAILABLE:  January Street Spirits and Street Sheets–for distribution, education, profit, and make-shift umbrellas

NO Homeless Union Meeting  Friday   Call 575-770-3377 or 421-7766 to for more Union info

December issues of Street Sheet and Street Spirit newspapers still available; January issues likely available next week.