Slumber Bunnies Back on the Sidewalk for SleepOut #23


Title: Some Freedom Sleepers Braving the Cold for SleepOut #23
START DATE: Tuesday December 15
TIME: 6:00 PM – 6:00 AM
Location Details:
The courtyard and sidewalk adjacent to the “No Trespassing” Mudpit that once was the City Hall lawn area. 809 Center St. across from the Main library. Protest will last until morning.
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name Robert Norse
Email Address rnorse3 [at]
Phone Number 831-423-4833
Address 309 Cedar St. P.O. Box 14B, Santa Cruz, 95060
Following a Sunday Freedom Sleepers Forum with Robert Aguirre of San Jose, Tristia Beauman of the National Law Center, and Keith McHenry of Food Not Bombs–and a Community TV broadcast, some Freedom Sleepers will continue the weekly vigil in front of City Hall.

Folks need to make their way through the cold to the few open bathrooms and should not expect much in the way of food and drink (though there may be some).

Audio from last week’s Freedom Sleepout 22 is available at (2 hours and 30 minutes into the file).

Alex does his usual excellent video coverage of #22 at .
Zav has documented the earlier confrontation at the annual City Council feast which sought to exclude the homeless and the public at the Palomar at .

My audio of the event is 48 minutes into the audio file, but is hard to hear.


See for Steve Pleich’s posting announcing Sleep-Out #23.

Some Freedom Sleepers will be gathering at 4 PM prior to the Sleep-Out at City Hall to discuss next steps and new tactics.

Toby Nixon of HAAC and other determined souls may be taking over the sleep-out’s beginning on December 22nd. Contact Toby to support his effort at 408-582-4152.

The current issue of Street Spirit newspaper has a critical review of former Mayor Don Lane’s “compassionate letter” at .

Most of Lane’s original letter:

My own response to Lane is at