Sort of Sunny weather at HUFF today Wednesday December 16 at the Sub Rosa Courtyard next to the Bike Church 11 AM, but bundle up–it’ll be cloudy.

Agenda Prospects
           When will the SCPD and their buddies hit the Felker St. encampments?  Will Harvey West be a refuge or a little Sunset Town?
          What to do if the Rains intensify, potentially flooding the Kramerville (the line of tents adjacent to Phil Kramer’s Coral Street Kingdom)?
​          Salinas Shitty Council–moving towards reform of the anti-homeless laws?
         The growing “Freedom Camp” Expands to the Duck Pond and Beyond–100 tents and still no adequate sanitation or drinking water?
         Play on-line memorial with Housing Mutters on 12-17 or Mingle with Real People 12-21 4 PM at Laurel and Pacific
         Descending Cold, Neither Roomkey nor Housekey nor Winter Shelter as December Whips In: Raising a Ruckus for Housing TakeOvers
         Other cities fightback:  Portland’s Red House Defense–a Lesson for Santa Cruz?

 With the return of propane-fueled heating compliments of Joe Schultz, calamity coffee from Sub Rosa’s smiling samaritan Jacin and veggies to chow down on provided by Glorious Gloria  as the death rate continues to climb.