Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides will broadcast today (12-13-20) 9:30 AM HUFF thinktankers struggle with knotty “Support the Unsheltered” problems Flashbacks to July 1990 as activists unite against SF’s “Illegal Lodging” Attack on the Poor Outside

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Norse’s Notes

A reported death from overdose from the Benchlands City-County campground, reportedly only accessible by van in the distant Delaveaga area.  “Camp Freedom” adjacent to the Lawn Bowling court above the Benchlands has reportedly grown to 100 tents expanding to the Duck Pond stage and even adjacent to the children’s playground but still lacks potable water and adequate sanitary facilities.  Park bathrooms still closed and locked.   No invitation to use the County building bathrooms during the day.   Adding insult to injury, the County has set up a series of fences around “its property” adjacent to the park and the Lawn Bowling court.

As the rains pour down, there is no word of supplies, portapotties, trash pick-up’s (except by generous private folks), or–most importantly–a place to go when the rains hit from the many fenced-off tents along hiway 1 next to the ironically named Housing Matters  (more accurate title: Funding Matters) sign seeking more donations for the do-little Coral St. complex. 

Some NOMAD [Needs Oriented Movement Assistance and De-escalation] workers are discussing support action for refugee campgrounds appearing at Harvey West and elsewhere. In the past NOMAD assisted survival campers move when Nature or City Mangler Martin Bernal issues new deportation edicts or when real flooding threatened homeless encampments.   The reality of increasingly cold Winter nights still hasn’t stirred warm-and-cozy City and County bureaucrats to set up Warming Areas much less Winter Shelter–with Footbridge Services activist Brent Adams, struggling to make his storage, shelter, laundry, and shower services scale-able upwards to accommodate the growing needs of those outside.

City Council’s lead Uncle Tom Justin Cummings & and his go-to Big Daddy Supervisor Ryan Coonerty have done nothing to open walk-in emergency Winter Shelter as temperatures drop.  Nothing was done at the 12-8 Shitty Council Agenda on that subject.   With the exploding number of deaths and hospitalizations by COVID-19 [over 50 on 12-12], there is no reported effort to move those in the many unhealthy congregate shelters (Veteran’s Hall, Laurel St., Paul Lee, Armory) to single room protection.

Neither City nor County has offered an accurate and up to date accounting of their outlays from Project Roomkey and Project Housekey funds.   It took many months for now-dead disabled elder Bob Rees to find a temporary shelter with shelters full and waiting lists long.  And word has not reached us that either City or County have applied for expanded Newsom’s Project funds.  While the delay in scheduled evictions from motels is a positive sign (forced on the authorities by the escalating hospitalization and death rate), it doesn’t protect those stuck outside while buildings remain vacant.

The Beach St. ban on Latinx vendors continues–unless they have brick and mortar businesses, of course.

City Council newbies Sonja Brunner and Shebreh Kalatari-Johnson have been seated and the Council scurried to its warm homes for the winter until second Tuesday in January (and then only “accessible” through the faulty Zoom process).  The Deborah Elston Volunteer Homeless Harassment squad (under Chief Mills authority) continues to harass vehicular moms and activists like SC Homeless Union activist Alicia Kuhl. 

NOMAD continues to plan meetings and stay active to provide emergency moving assistance to unhoused folks facing natural and SCPD-created emergencies.      Call 226-998 for more information.


XXX  David Rovics vs. Establishment Media on Barricades Defending Portland’s Red House

XXX  HUFF [Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom] thinktanking from its last[12-9] meeting: Discussing Civil Disobedience–If Vacant Buildings are the Crime, how do we end this criminal behavior?

XXX  HUFF musings:  Harvey West? The Sports Arena?  UCSC Campus?  Santa Cruz Refuge for Unhoused Refugees–or the next Autonomous Zone?

XXX  “Whip ’em Into Shape” Wes White fields skepticism from Bathrobespierre Robert Norse on hopes for the incoming Salinas City Council, reports on sweep monitoring and resistance by a coalition of homeless defenders.

XXX   Katty Komments from Kazenjammer Keith McHenry

XXX  HUFF musings:  More on strategy and background preparatory to Campground Defense and Vacant Housing Takeovers

FLASHBACK Bits from July 1990 and thereabouts

XXX  July 16, 1990 Speak-Out and “Illegal Lodging” Sleep-Out in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza adjacent to then-Mayor Art Agnos’s City Hall in the wake of “Illegal Lodging” sweeps including poets Sarah Menefee and Jack Herschman, Oakland Union of the Homeless activists Dorothy King and Gerald, a shitload of angry service providers, and many more.

XXX  July 18, 1990 Songs and analysis of the Sleep-Out; Slogans and Shouting at a Homeless March to Agnos’s House

XXX  Clips from the Jolly Roger Comedy Troupe mocking the authoritarian NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and its attacks on Free Radio Berkeley.

XXX  Political Prisoner and Reporter Mumia Abu Jamal in 1990 and Colin Kaepernick on Mumia in 2020.
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