Sunday 1-28-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides at 101.3 FM & the Berkeley Report to the UN Rapporteur, City Council Lookback, and Street Chatter Galore + a Flashback to April 28, 2011 on the PeaceCamp 2010 Trials

More from the Berkeley’s First They Came for the Homeless co-founder Mike Zint educating the UN Rappoteur; Bathrobespierre begins dissecting the last City Council meeting; Food Not bombs Fire and Fury as Steamblast Steve tears apart the Homeless Lack of Services Center, ‘Josh-You-Not’ Joseph Gives Cannabis Updates, and more…

The Flashback covers 

  • Speedwalker Steve Pleich on PeaceCamp 2010 Trial,
  • Angel  on Jailjangled Jack Smith’s Felton Arrest,
  • Nearly-a-Juror Jay, Blindbear Robert Facer, Beggarbacker Becky Johnson also on the PeaceCamp 2010 Trial

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