Sunday 10-14-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides: Native American Slaughter Day Background, Street-Speak from the Red Church, Amped-Up Andy Carcello on Marijuana Profiteering; + 7-7-07 Flashback !

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  • A Few Takes on Native American Slaughter (Columbus) Day
  • More Backtalk and Battlecries from the Red Church Meal Munchers
  • Fury for the Medical Marijuana Profiteers from Andy Carcello
  • Another Round of Tunes by Ray Zimmerman

FLASHBACK TO July 7, 2007 (Full 7-7-07 show is at )
  • Further Flashback within a Flashback to Bathrobespierre Robert on KSCO in 1993 and Berkeley Fightback against the Anti-Homeless Laws
  • City Staff Dismantles the Voter’s Measure K Commission Seeking to Monitor Police and Make Marijuana Busts the Lowest Enforcement Priority
  • Anita Henry and Craig Canada Debate and Discuss Medical Marijuana Use in Public
  • Still More Street Interviews


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