Sunday 8-12-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Interviews wih Mike Zint and Osha Newman, Checking out the Food not Bombs Showline in Santa Cruz, and a Flurry of Flashbacks

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Jumpstart Jim Vivian’s Chaotic In-and-Out of Court Tenant Struggle
Santa Cruz City Council Upcoming Notes; Rent Control Kickoff Party Today

Bill of Rights for Homeless Encampment Residents

First They Came for the Homeless Encampment Guru Mike Zint of Berkeley

Attorney Osha Neuman’s Update on the class action suit against Cal-Trans
Assorted Voices from the Food Not Bombs Sidewalk


First Look at the Happy John Dine Slaying 11-24-97 (Club Cruz #64)
Linda and Laura Review the Old Sleeping Ban 1-5-98 (Club Cruz #67)
Tenant Struggle 20 Years Ago with Donna Deiss and Marco Merakee- 1-19-98 (Club Cruz #68)
Activists Take Over the vacant 75 River St. Wells Fargo Bank–the 12-1-11 Bathrobespierre’s Broadside coverage featuring “Cracker”, “Lighthouse” Linda, and “Mind over Madness” Matthew
Original Flashbackshow at


Dark Death Clouds from Denver : Avenue 64 Rent Strikers Bust the Profiteers Rounding Up Rednecks for the Revived Santa Cruz Homeless-Harassing “Hosts” Program for Next Year Shards of Cheer from Chicago

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