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  • Norse’s Notes on Various City Vicissitudes, Candidate Forums, etc.
  • Interviews with Citizen City Council Candidate Watchers
  • Bubbles and Babbles from the Food Not Bombs Front
  • Library Laments–City Council Votes to Bury the Bookkeepers
  • Bits on the Boise Decision
  • Move the Farmer’s Market–Will the Vendors Play Follow The Leader?

FLASHBACK TO March 16, 2014

                  *** destruction of SRO’s, homeless camps, and other survival venues for the poor and homeless; 

                  *** LA ACLU fight in Santa Barbara against RV harassment;
                  *** falling away of human rights activists and rise of social service bureaucrats;
                   *** talking homeless issues to death;
                   *** mental health bureaucrat incompetence and dumping the homeless out of jail at night 7 miles away;
                   *** liberals not conservatives the main problem;
                   *** last resort shelter becomes recovery program requiring “participation”
                   *** large numbers or activist confrontation not endless dialogue is what works;
                    *** Library and State State street scene;
  • Lighthouse Linda reports on her Exploring Homelessness Together group
  • Scarfseller Kate update
  • Activist Dennis E. on protest in China
  •  Brian pans First Alarm’s “Big John”
  •  Complete flashback at