Sunday 9-30-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides: Busqueing for Bathrooms and Flashing Back to the Final 1998 Cover-Up of the Police Murder of Happy John Dine

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  • Researching the Riverstreet (“Boneyard Barbed Wire”) Campground with the Joyful Heart Swami
  • Righteous Voices from RV Dwellers in the Media
  • Louden Nelson Lavatory Liberators at City Hall Last Tuesday including Micah and Phil Posner, Bob Lamonica, Ursula Reid, Becky Johnson, Dennis Etler, Steve Pleich, James Weller, Louise Drummond, Coral Brune, Wes White, Keith McHenry, Bill, Troy, and “A Guy Who Needs a Toilet”.
  • City Council Oral Communication CrapQuesters
  • Cries and Cackles from the Food Not Bombs Scene
  • Songster David Rovics Sings “If You Go to Santa Cruz”

FLASHBACK TO January 16, 1998
  • Bathrobespierre Robert, the V-Man, Battling Bob Lamonica and Others Review the Citizens Police RahRah Board’s Exoneration of the SCPD Shooter in the Happy John Dine Slaying of November 1997
  • Roughrider Richard Quigley Blasts Back at Bigotry at the Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center
  • Bathrobespierre Relives his Fifteen Minutes of Fame on New York TV


Starting at the City Council Courtyard outside City Hall
and Parading to the Louden Nelson Center at 301 Ocean
In Search of a People’s Potty!
Food, Music, and Raucous Merriment!
…hunting, grunting, and stunting…
to unlock the Louden Nelson Bathrooms!

Demand that P & R Supervisor Rai Reopen the Restrooms !

Bathrooms, Winter Survival & Community Caring
Confronting Locked Lavatories and Malign Minds

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