Sunday October 15, 2017 9:30 AM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides– Updates on the Destruction of the Post Office Encampment and Flashing Back to February 2, 1999–John Malkin on the SCPD, Ed Frey on D.A. Corruption, & Smothering Sleeping Ban Reform

Updates on the Lapis Road struggle in Monterey from activist Wes White;  Abbi Samuels and Ricardo Lopez on the Deportation of the Homeless at the Main Post Office, speakers at the MHAN speakout, the death of Frank Lopez, and more…

And a flashback 18 years ago when the struggle against the Sleeping Ban was raging strongly.

The original flashback show can also be heard then click on February 2, 1999 (Parts 1-4) at

Contact 575-770-3377 to volunteer different kinds of support for the Survival Sleepers now dispersed to the Post Office and repeatedly warned they will be forced to dispersed without a legal spot to go to.  Join Food Not Bombs locally.  They are organizing support actions for those whose only resting place is an illegal piece of sidewalk.

Leave your comments and questions at the same number.   Still a $500 reward for any info leading to Free Radio’s finding a 10′ X 10′  studio space for Free Radio Santa Cruz to rent in Santa Cruz.

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