Sunday’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Radio Stream 5-19-19 9:30 AM-3 PM at : An Activist Views the River St. Camp Confrontation, Watkins Gags the Public at City Council, At Last: Behind the Barbed Wire!

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Today’s show streams at and archives at  

On the show today:

  • Another View of the River St. Camp  Confrontation with Conditions at the Barbed Wire Boneyard
  • Catching Up with Katzenjammer Keith McHenry on Camp Chat and the Forthcoming Departure of  “Liar for Hire” City Attorney Reed Gallogly
  • Audio Snips from Olga’s River St. Camp Video continued.  Full video at  
  • 5 Years Later, a Parody of Justice for the a NY Cop who killed Eric “I Can’t Breathe” Garner  
  • Tangled Council Afternoon: More Delays on  Getting the Stats on Homeless Harassment
  • Shutting Down Support for Councilmember Glover at City Council: The Mayor Shuts Out the Public
  • Short Shafts from a Red Church Monday
  • Looking Back at a Whirlwind Week with Ross Camp Liaison Alicia Kuhl
  • Inside the River St. Camp’s Barbed Wire Compound At Last: Mark’s Musings on Life There

Bits of the Bitter and the Better from Santa Cruz Fulltimer Vandweller Julie & Bathrobespierre