The Federal Government Says Being Homeless Should Not Be A Crime

NOTE BY NORSE:  Tip of the hat to Peggy Lee Kennedy down L.A.-way for passing on this encouraging “Statement of Interest” brief filed by the federal government against a Boise, Idaho Sleeping Ban.

Meanwhile in Santa Cruz, we are preparing our next daytime/nighttime Sleep Protest at City Hall for Tuesday August 11th–when the City Council returns from its restful vacation.   Folks are invited to wear Sleepware and cast a few yawns of wisdom at the Council during the 5 PM Oral Communications period.  More info on the SleepOut (#5 in a continuing series) on  shortly.
Homeless people–even an elderly disabled woman with a service dog–continue to be harassed and ticketed for Sleepcrime when Santa Cruz has no shelter for 95% of its homeless.  Food services at the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center continue to be a preserve of those “in programs” with “a pathway to housing”  (whatever that means).
Additionally HUFF was told this week that so-called emergency medical providers like Dominican Hospital, Emeline, and Planned Parenthood turned away a homeless woman recently raped in search of medical examination, advice, and treatment.  Please report difficulties you or homeless friends are having obtaining services–the more specific the information, the better.