Tiny But Tough-Love Tour of Shame to Demand Opening Up Motel Rooms for Shelter Now ! Easter Sunday 2 PM Laurel and Front

In an Easter Sunday sweep through the City by car, several of us will gather (safely in our cars or at 6′ distance with protective gear) 2 PM at Laurel and Front St. We will.distribute survival gear and provisions to folks outside around the City and conduct an educational tour of shame to counter the rosy fabrications of Sentinel and city/county officialdom. WHAT’S AT STAKE?
The health and well-being of our entire community–not just those outside.

No provision is being made to broadly activate motel rooms for folks outside generally and vulnerable asymptomatic folks specifically. They are far down on the priority list issued by the County coming after the visibly sick, the COVID-19 positive, and those in contact with those found to have COVID-19.