Today! 6-10-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Updates Galore: Picador Peter Marin of Santa Barbara, Spitfire Abbi Samuels, Whip ‘em Into Shape Wes White of Salinas, and Big Drum Brent Adams–plus yet another Flashback to 3-1-96

Streams at and broadcasts at 101.3 FM

  • Part 2 of Picador Peter Marin’s Defense of RV Dwellers in Santa Barbara
  • Testimony from the Successful Slam Down of the Salinas RV Ban
  • Varied Voices from Food Not Bombs Corner
  • Storage On Wheels Program Begins at Last–Brent and Nick Give Us the Latest
  • Reviewing the Wreckage–Activist Abbi Samuels Reflects on Her Appeal of the City’s Freedom Sleeper Crackdown

  • Ancient Voices at Oral Communications in February 1996
  • Bathrobespierre on River St. Refugee Aftermath and Planned City Hall Protests
  • Back-from-Bureaucracy Bob Campell on the Citizens Committee’s “Page Smith Community House” Controversy

This show archives June 11, 2018 at

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