Tonight 4-19-18 at 6 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides on Free Radio Santa Cruz at 101.3 FM, Anthony and Angela Face the Taos Police in the Bumpersticker Car,

Weekend Events & Follys:  Harm Reduction Coalition, Science March, NAACP; Food Not Bomb documentarians Anthony and Angela brave brutality and jail in Taos; Attorney and Activist Anthony Prince on the Salinas struggle and the Poor People’s Campaign 2018; many voices from the FNB/Santa Cruz Action for Peace rally, and various you-tube satirical songs…

Free Radio, as usual, streams at  The show archives under Lost Shows on the HUFF website at   Look for the Latest Show – 4/19/2018  Thursday, April 19, 2018 – Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides.  

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