Tonight’s Bathrobespiere’s Broadsides show streams tonight (11-8) at 6 PM at Featuring Conscience and Action Activists Interview Parks and Rec Boss Tony Elliott…and more!

We still offer a reward of $300 for info leading to a 10′ X 10′ studio space with bathroom, internet, and electrical access–either indoors or out (we’ll build a structure).  Help us so we can help you!

Tonight’s show streams at and archives at

On tonight’s show:

  • Part One of the “Open the Damn Bathrooms” Discussion with new Parks and Recreation Department  Head Tony Elliot.  Silver-tongued Steve Pleich, Fraternal Phil Posner, Irksome Ursula R., Nutcracker Nick Whitehead, and Bathrobespierre Robert Norse do a Roundtable Interrogation.
  • Back-to-the-Basic Brent Adams Gives a (Relatively) Quick Update
  • Red Church Rowdies Chime in with Words on the Wind.
  • Friday 5:30 PM-6PM   HomeFree Plans for the November 15 Campquest (4 PM at the Main Post Office Sidewalk)

    • Join the 4 PM Nov 15th Campground Expedition in front of the main Post Office
    • Support the Downtown Santa Cruz Bathroom Task Force, Food Not Bombs,  the Warming Center’s 24 Hour Storage Program, HUFF, Conscience and Action, Monterey County Homeless Advocates, and other activists in documenting, providing resources, & publicizing the situation.
    • Check out Homeless Outside in Santa Cruz  on facebook at for updates.
  • Read Updates and Post Them on Santa Cruz Indymedia at
  • Back up homeless efforts to organize either in protest or to demand adequate and accessible facilities.
  • Exchange information with other supporters there to generate more communication and better solutions in the future.

  • Listen in to Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides at every Thursday 6-8 PM, Sundays 9:30 AM- 3 PM
  • Hear archived shows at .
  • If you must, expropriate items from chain stores.  Don’t steal from vulnerable fellow homeless!
  • Camp lightly and safely!

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