Tonight’s Show (2-13) streams at, archives at features the usual carousel of street interviews plus additional UCSC Strike Audio and chats with Chris Krohn & Tim Fitzmuarice


  • Talking to Coopertown Custodians at the Post Office:  Dreamcatcher, Refugee Robert (85 year old sightless guy driven whose survival gear was stolen by police on Washington St. last week), Caremaster Cooper (one-time ER worker and mom), Anger-into-Action Alicia, Jacked-Up Jeremiah
  • Buttonholing the Line of the Hardtimers at the Red Church:  SC Homeless Unionist Crystal Olson, Reved Up Ricardo Lopez, Merryweather Mike, Norse, Bathroom Buckeroo Bob
  • Up at the UCSC Blockade with Tough-to-Tackle Tim Fitzmaurice, Jesse, Brietta, and Finally-Fighting-Back Chris Krohn.